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Universal Judicial system– A justice system that never fails  

Written by yeye

Universal judicial system— A justice system that never fails.

Many aren’t aware there is a judicial system or principle that is universal. The universal judicial system or principle is a just and impersonal system. When you think this principle think gravity; it is no respecter of persons. Its underlying function is  – Equilibrium. It is immutable by its nature, orderly, fair, without prejudice, impartial and impersonal always striving for balance and ensuring a state of equilibrium.

Religious people recoil at the mention of this concept. I recall vividly an incident where I shared the principle of universal judicial system with a friend and explained how Reincarnation is the underlying factor she went totally ballistic screaming out scriptures at me about how her redemption is a done deal. I looked on with sympathy as she raged; clearly she was disgusted with being asked to own her problems and take personal responsibility for her woes. She prefers instead the doctrine of vicarious atonement which robs her, of innate powers.

Reincarnation fits the bill

In childhood my innocent mind curiously wondered, what is bigger than god? In adolescence I became more aware of the apparent disparities and inequalities in society: I wondered why some succeeded and some did not. Inquisitiveness is a powerful human trait I owe my current freedoms to this quality inherent in us all to varying degrees.

Adulthood came and so did the vagaries and challenges of life. I wasn’t equipped for the throes that life threw at me. For years I ran with the narrative that the arch enemy the devil was working against me. No matter what I did I got no respite clearly the dogmas and doctrine of the Abrahamic faith wasn’t working for me. After years of untold suffering I soon changed tact (I was rock bottom. I had nothing to lose I reasoned: amazingly the best decision so far. I didn’t lose rather I gained) which lead to freedoms on all sphere intellectual, psychical, spiritual even physical.

The concept of reincarnation is no stranger to me. Allow me share a bit of my personal history. At birth I was named yetunde— meaning mother comes again. My aunt an 80+year old woman calls me ‘iya mi’ meaning my mother. My aunt believes am her mother re-embodied and as such treats me with reverence; my grandma died 20+years before I was born.  My aunt’s belief stems from the viable precept of Lineal rebirth as adverted in the traditions of Yoruba people of western Nigeria. So, now. Am I my paternal grandma return in the flesh?

We all are returning souls

We are all pilgrims participating in the eternal dance of evolutionary unfoldment of consciousness.

There is a cyclical rhythm to all of existence and life; with careful observation of your environment and nature at large you will find this rhythm: birth, growth, maturity, saturation, decline, death, decay and rebirth.

This cyclical rhythm permeates all of life from the simplest life forms to the celestial bodies: as above so below. The universal judicial system is entwined with the viable concept of reincarnation and together along with numerous other universal principles evolutionary advancement is made possible.

The universal judicial system aka karma is neither deterministic nor fatalistic as some are want to think rather it is a tool by which the evolution of consciousness is realized.

When life happens

When life happens and you find yourself in the valley, One quick way to survive the valley and etch your way back to the mountain top is to face and own your challenges, accept responsibility for all the uglys, treat them as deserving (effect) if they weren’t it would never have happened to you. There are no accidents, for  all things happen in accordance with law. A hard pill to swallow but it is the surest way to reclaim your life and your place,

Don’t sit around whining, asking why me or wasting your time waiting around for a savior to come make it better or worse hoping for a better life in death.  All of your energy should be concentrated on the here and now. There is no other way to wing it out of that valley if you hold any of the aforementioned thoughts.

No sooner had I factored reincarnation and karma into my puzzling circumstances than the cloud of confusion and pain lift. Realization dawned; I slayed the devil and set out to reclaim my life by becoming a co-creator with the universe of my destiny.

Every incarnation is a gift to etch the soul closer to moksha our collective destiny. With each incarnation the soul has the opportunity to absolve old and create new karma. Living conscientiously is the key to creating good karma.

Earth, as much as it is a free will zone is as well a plane of cause and effect whatever a man sows he reaps. Newton’s second law pretty much echoes what the Piscean master preached for. Every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. The universal judicial system– aka karma governs all of our actions, thoughts, motive (cause)  and must of necessity bring forth legitimate  consequences (effects). These causes are chained to us there is no escaping them. Where causes are not fully compensated in a lifetime the adequate effects follows the reincarnating ego into a subsequent incarnation until equilibrium between the effects and causes are reached.

The onus lies with us to appreciate the interconnectedness of our humanity which grants a deeper understanding of life and the world we live in.

Causes: acts, deeds, motives, intents & thoughts are collected in the universal mind belt such that what A does effects & impacts B several thousand miles away. The seeming separateness we are conditioned to perceive is an illusion albeit a necessary one to allow us progress and carry on the evolutionary unfoldment of consciousness.

Blaming external factors serves no purpose. So, go on and live! Stop wishing for magic to happen- it won’t. Take up the reins charge forward drawing across the canvass of your being all things beautiful and noble knowing you are a co-creator with the universe of your own destiny.

You are here now, in the information age participating in the adventure of life. Use your mind an invaluable asset to create the life you desire.

The mind is the final frontier

Thank you for reading


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yeye is an agnostic pantheist who borrows a leaf from all known perennial wisdom traditions, a chela that drinks from the cups of wisdom presented by custodians of ancient traditions. She lives life on her terms.

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yeye is an agnostic pantheist who borrows a leaf from all known perennial wisdom traditions, a chela that drinks from the cups of wisdom presented by custodians of ancient traditions. She lives life on her terms.

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