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Viral Video of Naija Woman Standing Up For Herself.

women stand up for yourself with pride
Written by pB Sb

My sister sends me this viral video I, watched it several times. I normally only do that with viral video that are darn hilarious or profound;containing information that is new to me but this particular video definitely wasn’t funny but I found myself hitting the play button again and again then boom! it hits me it is the attitude of the women in the video.

I chose not to feature the video here cause I have no way of knowing if that lady wanted that video circulated but for those who saw the video you will soon catch on as I go on to  describe the incident in the video

My educated guess is she is of Edo stock

She and her younger friend/sister were in an altercation with from all I see Indian men I don’t see any female besides the two Nigerian women if it wasn’t for the fact that the nationality of the men could be deciphered from appearance and their intonation one could have been forgiven for thinking it is Saudi-Arabia or some other fundamentalist Islamic nation where woman are hidden from public glare  (sighs)

So this altercation goes on thankfully no punches just yelling and I couldn’t but note the level of confidence and fervour with which these two women were standing up for themselves, Gosh! thats how to do it remember these two are on  foreign soil, still they stand up for themselves and don’t budge, no cowering, just fierce verbal push-back.

Suddenly it gets heated the older woman pulls the younger one to a sitting position  signifying an ‘I got this’ attitude and before you can blink her pullover is over her head. Wtf– that was an unexpected twist . Now I believe that was a mistake, she only wanted to take off the pull over but she ain’t daunted, damn those were some nice tits (I ain’t gay, what is nice is nice, okay….) not missing a beat she wears her camisole I bet those Indian men were dumbfounded. Shockingly crazy action/behaviour but nonetheless badass !!

She closes with, you want to fight Nigerian woman and saying thank you bros to one of the men. Hahahahaha– Naija no dey carry last, always fully representing the clan.

Am I promoting violence, hell no. Would I pull my top in public accidental or not? nope, because no matter how heated an argument gets I am never poised for a physical altercation am more of a mental, verbal warrior but that is me others have different styles and strengths so where am I going with all this …… wait for it.

Some of us women are strong on our own and don’t need the umbrella of feminism to stand up for ourselves .

I am one of those oddballs that cant seem to understand the feminist movement. Women wanting to be treated special okay they say not special but equally– valid cause I guess especially if you cant speak up, fight and defend yourself.  A while ago my department got a new HOD who liked me for my work sake and when there was an opening for a promotion, made the move to promote me — MEN blocked it, yep the menfolk they had a list of whys–  one being that I didn’t have the ‘paper’ qualification for the role– and the boss gave in. This was of course unknown to me so, me just basically does my thing which is turning in, again and again excellent, flawless work . One day out of the blues HR calls, gives me letter voila!!! promotion. I was elated never saw it coming rushed into boss’s office excited and did my Mary Poppins one minute presentation of thank you.

Boss smiling said you deserve it. You work hard!! I later learnt boss did recommendation for promotion without consulting the naysayers– the MEN

This post ain’t about the shit that goes down at my office is why  I did only a brief.

So wrapping this up. Those female folks who need the feminist movement, please keep at it, nothing do you but also realise there are some of us who are bullish enough not necessarily in a dangerous typical bull way but strong mentally and even sometimes physically like the lady in the viral video who was ready to take down an enter train of Indian men hahahahaha!!!!!! to not need subscription formally and informally to feminism or feminist movements . So enough of that old and boring rhetoric of ‘all women should be feminist’ thank you very much — huh?

So with this that video may well deserve to be filed away as profound hahahahahah!

Thanks for reading another of my musing do let me know what you think of the women’s action on that train and my thoughts on feminism



privvy, brown skinned and loving it!

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