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The Lax Attitude of Nigerians I

Written by yeye

There is this habit Nigerians have that leaves me perplexed, this morning (as usual of course) I received ‘forwarded’ messages I tend to just delete them however one caught my eye and I paused to read, it was a write-up about how banks are fleecing Nigerians. I laughed and shook my head because all talk with zero action is our favorite hobby no one is ever got anything done by merely mouthing off. Just the other day social media went agog with comebacks of all shades; refuting the alleged ‘Nigerian youths are lazy’ debacle (alleged, because I never saw the clip) and as with everything it was classically overdone—I digress

So this individual is pissed at the bank, rightfully so. Which BTW is a global phenomenon (will get round to this again) just as most all peoples detest their police force. Anyhow the forwarded write up closed with an hypothetical figure banks rip off, unsuspecting Nigerians. Now these were my thoughts after reading

Nigerians too talk no action whatsoever.

Personally when I feel aggrieved about a thing I document: meaning I write a letter and send it to the appropriate quarters I just don’t puff and humph over social media I actually frigging do something, that, folks is how to drive and achieve change. Making noise does not equate action

So if I were that individual and I feel that strongly I’d Fire a formal letter to the appropriate quarters in this instance branch manager and copy the CEO and the board members (they most likely will respond with a response explaining it is a regulatory policy)

If for legalistic and public interest reasons the explanation is unsatisfactory I do a follow up letter (yup) this time to the Governor of the Apex bank copy bank CEO and board members

If I find Central Bank’s response unsatisfactory I write Senate President copying everyone on the chain on like that till it gets to the highest authority the Presidency and if at this point no satisfactory compromise and resolution is reached only then shall I bring it to the attention of the public for scrutiny, this way the general public is made aware of the purported exploitation and can have their say.

Personally I enjoy Firing letters I do it all the time (works like a charm) with both public and private agencies in almost all cases I get a satisfactory result. Interestingly letter Firing runs in my family. Once, my brother Fired a letter to Central Securities Clearing Systems copied Securities & Exchange Commission and a global agency headquartered in London.

That singular letter got everyone on that command chain running helter-skelter and blowing up my phone with calls requesting an emergency meeting with ‘tiny’ me to resolve pending matters. Note how I have used the word Fired as opposed to write because writing and firing are two distinct things. When you Fire a letter the recipients from the tone and quality of your content can tell you mean business and that you are ruthless and unforgiving; necessary qualities to attain first class results when dealing with a***holes.

So what am I driving at and how is the foregoing connected with Nigerians you may ask? I would like to see Nigerians shift from this lax paradigm to an action and result oriented one. When you have an axe to grind desist from making noise on social media it is BS in my opinion. A more viable attitude would be to consciously make effort and rally support of the public if and when….. Social media (public court) should be your last resort given that you have done the needful but of course if all you wanted in the first place is to sound & look like a smart ass then sure social media suffices however if your goal is to effect and mandate change then take it first to the appropriate quarters you are more likely to effect change that way.

Back to banks

To wrap this up it is not news that banks and sometimes bankers are hated and reviled on a monumental scale globally ditto police ditto politician of all three the only group I can be bothered with are politicians whom like ‘underpants ought to be changed often and for the same reason’ Nigerian politicians have so long gotten away with murder it is time we the people reverse this trend of obtuse pilfering of the parasitic horde we call politicians.

I am neither an advocate of the financial sector in Nigeria nor endorsing the alleged theft but read these accounts It’s time we thought a bit harder about why we hate banks  Why I Hate Banks to have a feeler, as I think certain bank products and services are far easier to access and obtain here than most other places. I once tried opening a business account in Europe I had to give up.

Watch this space for what I think needs to be done to effect real and lasting change in our nation. Talk is cheap ACTION is everything!

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yeye is an agnostic pantheist who borrows a leaf from all known perennial wisdom traditions, a chela that drinks from the cups of wisdom presented by custodians of ancient traditions. She lives life on her terms.

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yeye is an agnostic pantheist who borrows a leaf from all known perennial wisdom traditions, a chela that drinks from the cups of wisdom presented by custodians of ancient traditions. She lives life on her terms.

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