How Safe Are Manufactured Foods

overtly processed foods are not real foods
Written by egbe adeta

How safe are manufactured foods? aka processed foods, aka fake foods. IMHO I don’t think they are safe for everyday consumption. what we eat or do not eat contribute to how healthy we are overall.

If all you consume are denatured foods and beverages you will no doubt end up sick with one or multiple non-communicable disease (ncds) which accounted for more than 68% of deaths in 2012 globally.

Manufactured foods are laden with ingredients that are harmful generally. Yet food scientist/researchers keep telling us this artificial ingredients are safe and how quantity consumed is what matters – perhaps, but there is no doubt there is a limit to what the body can tolerate loading the body day in day out with foods soaked in chemical components whose names you can hardly pronounce will eventually compromise your organs and do you in.

synthetic ingredients

fake food ingredients

My personal rule of thumb; if a food/beverage has ingredients with names I can’t pronounce then it isn’t for consumption. I actually cook most of my food from scratch. I recognize this may not be feasible for everyone and is why I suggest that manufactured foods aka fake food’s consumption be reduced to a bare minimum, there is no reason why the bulk of your food should be boxed, tinned or wrapped in fancy papers.

Your health is your personal responsibility, take it seriously!

Be well.

Egbe is an unrepentant herb user, a health enthusiast and an avid reader who loves to share her commonsense approach to nutrition.

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