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Who Goes To Church On A Monday Morning?

Religious stained glass windows in Prague, Czech Republic
Written by yeye

Riddle: Who goes to church on a Monday morning?

how sane are the religious

what motivates an individual to head off to church on a Monday.




Would you guess?







Then wait for it

woman on knees praying


Answer: A Nigerian– yep, none other than a Nigerian!

Is there anyone out there who finds it disturbing that people actually go to church on a Monday morning, considering that the previous day had been spent doing exactly the same thing at least we all know Sunday is ‘religion day’ in Nigeria as the Mohammedans too now hold Sunday services, leaves me thinking If, Saudi approves  – Well I guess whatever it takes to lock the subscribers in will be welcomed. As an outsider looking in all I see is competitive religiosity. huh?

So back to church attendance on a Monday morning. What motivates an individual to go to church on a Monday?  A frigging waste of productive hours, if you ask me  — must be a bid to clock in some extra supplication so god could bless him. phew!

Wealth Creation

For the average Nigerian religiosity = Wealth creation. And that just isn’t how it works in the real world.

Nigerians don’t seem to understand that wealth creation is a by product of innovative thinking and worthwhile productivity and nothing to do with incessant supplication to god the father.

It is such a shame that countless millions of Nigerians spend productive hours in a church or masjid seeking a miracle, when all that they seek is within. didn’t Jesus the Piscean master say that the kingdom of god is within so why are countless millions running hither, thither seeking for god everywhere but within and conforming to worldly standards whilst aggressively accusing those who don’t believe as them to be worldly?

Wealth is created by way of creative, innovative, and technological human endeavours– that is the formula for enduring wealth. 

Innovative creativity + technology = wealth– And is a global constant and applies to both nations and individuals  yet the average Nigerian thinks differently and spends productive hours on his knees either in a masjid or church  praying to /asking god to rain down manna– and the frame of reference is the bible story of god feeding the Israelites manna from heaven for forty years,phew!

Sad and pathetic that so many Nigerians: young, old, literate and illiterate subscribe in their millions to such obstinacy. How nice it will be when folks cease to read the bible as the literal word of god and value the innumerable stories as allergories

whatever existential crisis, adversity or pain you may be experiencing it is not going to get resolved by life on your knees or by spending Monday mornings in a church. A more reasonable and realistic approach will be to step out of your religious bubble, expand your world-view make an attempt to understand your environment the world you live in and the eternal laws that guide it. In other words elevate your mind as the mind is the final frontier!

mind the final frontier

mind the final frontier

Spending productive hours speaking in tongues, commanding imaginary enemies to fall down or die is borderline ‘crazy’ all that time can be spent learning useful skills eg creating softwares or/ and other creative solutions that solve some real life problems. Get out there and get a life, trust me god will be glad!

Think about it and be honest if wealth were created by fervent prayers and not innovative ideas Nigeria did be the richest nation but the Polls show the contrary is the case, religious nations are the poorest, the steep correlation between religiosity and poverty comes as no surprise. Our socio-economic conditions will sooner improve if we will channel our energy & focus attention on what matters and be done with activities that regress us as a people the development of our mind is fundamental and key to economic prosperity.

Folks pray fervently and on the back of that give out of their meager earnings to a fattened clergy who owns several jets and most certainly leaves in a palatial mansion — the degree of gullibility of laity leaves me numb.

Just as numbing, is watching how Nigerians pitch their tent with one or the other of criminal politicians. We have no business siding with this band of ignoble men we should be seeking intellectual means and methods to send them packing…….

Religion and the political class both feed on the ignorance of the proletariat

The proletariat must take back its power neither by the gun nor by violence but by activating the inherent power and potentiality that dwells within- in the mind. There is no time in recorded human history such as now that the proletariat have had at is disposal tools necessary for its mental emancipation.

All innovative invention that has advanced humanity has come from the mind of man. It is therefore in your best interest to nourish your mind– your most prized asset, feed it today with materials that uplift and inspire. Statistics (as at today) show 84.37% of Nigerians use Face book I wonder how many of that lot engage with Face book as a tool of empowerment.

Make your SM usage count. Image source search engine result

Your religiosity serves not you but clergy who promises you a reward you can’t claim until you die and politicians who understand and use religion as tool to distract you from their oppressive clutch over you.

I close this piece with a quote widely attributed to Seneca the Younger

Organised religion to the common people is true, false to the wise, and useful to the rulers

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yeye is an agnostic pantheist who borrows a leaf from all known perennial wisdom traditions, a chela that drinks from the cups of wisdom presented by custodians of ancient traditions. She lives life on her terms.

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yeye is an agnostic pantheist who borrows a leaf from all known perennial wisdom traditions, a chela that drinks from the cups of wisdom presented by custodians of ancient traditions. She lives life on her terms.

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