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lemons truly dissolve fat
Written by egbe adeta

It was a particularly chilly day the rain had been pouring all morning with strong wind whistling and howling.

With our weekly schedules almost covered we took a break off writing and decide to fix something warm to keep with the weather. A rich vegetable soup would have done the trick but with no vegetables in our refrigerator. we decided to make do with what we had, lemons; that had been purchased off a lemon tree in the neigbourhood grocery store.

After about thirty minutes of tinkering about in the kitchen with lemons, pans, etc. We settled each to a cup of zesty lemony hot tea, it was so nice we drank this serendipitous lemon brew daily, for a week more, till we ran out.

—And then we noticed. We lost weight a lot of weight! Aha! not good, this was never the plan. whoosh, with my day shorts falling off my waist and being very loose in the hip area for me this was devastating— with a small frame and weight of roundly 136Ibs.. I was pretty content with my body size so this new weight loss (about 6 Ibs) in just a week just wasn’t desirable and wasn’t cool.

Wondering what happened to achieve such a significant weight loss in such a short span of time; one week. I evaluated my activity for the week trying to figure out what could have brought on this spontaneous, significant weight loss then it dawned on me it was the zesty lemony brew. oops!— no more lemon for me.

Ditch them all

I must mention that this significant weight loss in such a short span from drinking this zesty lemony tea was helped along by an existing healthy food lifestyle and habit. In essence if you contemplate purchasing our Say Goodbye to Fat E-guide you must commit to a healthy food lifestyle and habit. This infers ditching bad foods and eating as close to nature as you can, will help you achieve your goal of a healthy, fit and trim body quicker. It cant be said enough overtly or highly processed foods and beverages are bad for health.

Ditch Industrialised food where practical or reduce its consumption to the barest minimum

overtly processed foods are not real foods

un-process your diet – real foods are minimally processed

Below are some of my dietary lifestyle and habits:

I eat whole foods

I cook my food

I do not drink soda

I barely eat red meat. Fish, prawns, shrimps, squids, mushrooms are more what I eat.

I consume fermented food and beverages

I eat vegetables daily with meals

I snack on fruits and nuts

I cook with culinary herbs

I supplement with food grade herbal nutrients daily

I use bitters weekly

I do a thirty minutes/one hour walk daily

I do not consume ultra/overtly processed foods besides a few things like tomato puree used only when fresh tomatoes are out of season

The above list gives you a general idea of what you must do to achieve a healthy, fit and slim body see, we didn’t say thin because the ideal or goal is/should be a slim or slender body. Yes!  excessive body fat is unhealthy and ugly but so is deathly thin. I cringe when I see those deathly skinny girls on fashion runway in Paris and London always painful to look at.

At any rate you should feed for nourishment and not taste a healthy body weight is achievable when we nourish our cells, tissue and organs with nutrient filled foods and beverages and not the high calorie zero nutrient overtly processed foods that many in the world today consume as food: it never nourishes which is why your intestinal bacteria go berserk!


cheap weight loss program

A weight loss program need not cost an arm and a leg

You want to get rid of that flab on your waist line, belly and other areas of your body? You can without going on a restrictive fad diet or spending hundreds of dollars on all manner of tools and gadgets with our fairly priced say goodbye to fat DIY E-guide you cant go wrong!

Weight loss can be a struggle. Our serendipitous lemony brew can aid your goal by helping get you started on the  journey to a new you. Cutting out overtly processed foods and beverages; white bread, red meat and soda helps with achieving your goal quicker and supplementing with food grade herbal nutrients guarantees you, no diet face (the gaunt look) after weight loss.

We have carefully documented the steps we took in brewing this zesty lemony brew in Say goodbye to fat an E-guide booklet, Lemon which is popular in the world of fitness & health enthusiast is the main ingredient however the method of brewing we share in ‘Say good bye to fat’ is incredibly effective and not commonly known.


eat real foods ditch bad foods and restrictive diets

Real food diet vs Restrictve diets which is better

In this part of the article we have included a few of Egbe’s health and nutrition articles from Quora

Every now and again as time permits I answer questions on Quora: a question and answer social media platform. Of late I wanted to find a way to curate those answers outside the platform as well as enrich the experience of readers of this blog who desire to maintain a healthy life style and lose some excess body weight

Quora is indeed a rich community; great questions fantastic answers though sometimes there are ubiquitous and seemingly dumb questions and even answers that leaves a bad taste in ones mouth but generally it is a nice place to learn and read juicy stuff that still educates.

So this is how it goes; the question is on top, beneath is the link to the answer once you click it takes you to Quora where you can read the answer.

Weight loss is easy if you understand the human body and the role real food play in keeping it healthy and fit

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We will from time to time add to this Q&A as necessary.

Be well & Thank you for reading.

Egbe & Yeye


Egbe is an unrepentant herb user, a health enthusiast and an avid reader who loves to share her commonsense approach to nutrition.

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egbe adeta

Egbe is an unrepentant herb user, a health enthusiast and an avid reader who loves to share her commonsense approach to nutrition.

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