About Us

At Liberatingthemind our goal is to provide you with information and tools that gently steers you towards a meaningful and productive life. Your mind & your body are distinct yet intertwined components of your Being and for you to thrive & flourish the mind-body connection must be in consonance.

It isn’t hard to understand what is wrong with our world today; many are broken, soul & body. Minds are sad and depressed. Bodies are ravaged by non-communicable diseases etc, consequently creating a body-mind disconnect. In other for you to stay afloat and not be sucked in. You must of necessity become mindful a pre-requisite in attaining the body-mind consonance/ balance (homeostasis)

Here at Liberatingthemind we offer you, soul food i.e. the forgotten wisdoms & teachings as taught by the custodians of perennial wisdom and as well share nutritional information directed mostly by common-sense with emphasis on eating as naturally as it is possible so as to achieve and maintain a state of homeostasis; a necessity if a fulfilled life is on your agenda for this incarnation.

We request you explore our website and take what resonates, discarding what doesn’t.

Our shop offers you a wide range of 100% herbal products (formulated by djehuty maatra of djehuty maatra herbs) that soothe the mind and nourishes the body.

Say good bye to fat our premium DIY product: An E-guide may be the little trick to set you on your way to a healthier version of yourself. Try it today and watch the excess weight roll away real quick.

Don’t be a slave of technology instead  utilize it as a tool of emancipation, liberating your mind from the mind forged manacles that holds our world in a death grip.

Your mind is your most valued asset feed it, nourish it, AND remember:

The mind is the final frontier

Thank you for reading